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Meet The Need First

Get Ready. February 23rd through February 25th, 2017, Graffiti Church, New York City, is offering a “Meet the Need First” training for ministry and church planting. There will be a limited number of places for people to participate in upside-down training, giving new and not-so-new strategies for advancing God’s kingdom through meeting the need first.

Thinking of Coming? We would love to have you.

Come and learn from 40 years of ministry mistakes…and victories…in New York City. Along with mercy ministry training, there will be inspiring worship experiences led by pastors and musicians who serve on the “front lines.”

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Upside Down Facilitators & Worship Leaders

Instructors will be “boots on the ground” ministry leaders from communities of need.

andrew mann pastor

Andrew Mann

Pastor/Director, Graffiti 2

taylor field pastor

Taylor Field

Pastor/Director, Graffiti

kareem goubran pastor

Kareem Goubran

Director of Adult Ministries, Graffiti

tom richter pastor

Tom Richter

Pastor, New Hope Christian Church

daniel lee pastor

Daniel Lee

Pastor, Compass Fellowship

susan field pastor

Susan Field

Author/Mentor, Graffiti

both joseph pastor

Boto Joseph

Church Planter, Jackson Heights Community Church

frank williams pastor

Frank Williams

Pastor, Bronx Baptist and Wake Eden Community Church


You are not alone! Come and share together with others your best-learned lessons. Training principles come from the book “Upside-down Leadership,” by Dr. Taylor Field. Certificates will be offered for all who participate in the training.

  • Event Details

    Date: February 23-25

    Time: Thursday evening through Saturday noon

    Location: 205 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009

    Cost: $250 per person

    Included in registration fee:

    Thursday Evening:  Light Dinner

    Friday:  Lunch

    Friday & Saturday: Light Breakfast

    Conference Materials: Upside-down Devotion Book

  • Conference Schedule

    Thursday February 23

    6:00 pm: Doors open, registration begins

    7:00 pm: Meal

    8:00 pm: Group Worship

    9:30 pm: Dismissal

    Friday February 24

    9:00 am: Coffee & Bagels

    9:30 am: Group Worship

    11:00 am: Breakout Session

    12:30 pm: Lunch

    1:30 pm: Q & A Panel

    3:00 pm: Breakout Session

    4:30 pm: Group Worship

    6:00 pm: Dismissal

    Saturday February 25

    8:30 am: Affiliation Meeting

    9:00 am: Coffee & Bagels

    9:30 am: Breakout Session

    11:00 am: Group Worship

    12:30 pm: Dismissal

  • Sample Themes & Topics
    • Ministry:  Serve the Unserved
    • Faith: See the Unseen
    • Church:  Small is Big
    • Self Care and Sabbath
    • Where are those resources?
    • Why isn’t anyone listening to me?
    • Am I the Only One with This Problem?
  • Mission Housing

    Mission Team Housing List

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Graffiti Church is located in the heart of the Lower East Side of New York City, where we have served for over 40 years.