Whether you are seeking a short term experience or long term investment, we have opportunities to help you toward transforming your own life and that of your community.


One to three day events that expose individuals to Upside Down Principles and equip them with tools to apply those principles in their own lives and communities.

:Leadership Gatherings

Go deeper in Upside Down Principles with the fellowship of other practitioners who are working in communities of need. Meeting once a month, these participants are on the long path of turning their worlds upside down.


Spend a summer or semester receiving training in Upside Down Principles, learning experientially within the Graffiti Network, and participating in an Upside Down small group for accountability, fellowship, and discipleship.


Spend a week ministering and learning from experienced practitioners within the Graffiti Network. Participants receive training in Upside Down Principles, learn experientially within the Graffiti Network, and receive follow-up coaching to assist in the implementation of these principles within their own communities of need.

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If you would like to learn more about Upside Down ministry or how to enroll in any of the four paths of training, please contact us.

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